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This two day workshop session with Chris Iveson, set for 14-15 March 2015, focuses on ways educators can implement solution-focused practices into schools in order to help students on an individual basis, and better inspire, support and motivate staff.

Education is the gateway to success for individuals, communities and for the world at large. With each child who misses this opportunity, the world loses a valuable resource. And it is especially saddening when a child who is given the opportunity appears to be wasting it. One of solution-focused brief therapy’s greatest achievements has been to bring countless children back into the educational fold. Central to this enterprise has been BRIEF, the world’s most famous centre for solution-focused practice. Set in the heart of London, BRIEF has trained thousands of education professionals throughout the world. Their latest book, Brief Coaching with Children and Young People (November 2014), is based on over twenty years of work with students, teachers and parents.


What to Expect

Expect to be exhausted and energized at the end of each day

Expect your family and friends to notice your good spirits

Expect to be looking forward to your next day back at work

Expect to have your work life changed in big or small ways

This will be because you will spend two days learning and practicing life-enhancing skills that will touch your own lives, as well as those of the children, parents and colleagues who rely on your good work.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy for School Counsellors

The Solution Focused approach offers to school children a very safe and compelling invitation to self-motivation whether or not the student has elected to engage or been compelled to attend. The approach shares the same core philosophy as education: the task being to draw from with as much as to ‘inject from without’. It provides a way of generating successful futures not by attempting to correct deficits and shortcomings or to repair perceived damage but by building on what is already working and creating an aspirational climate which itself engenders motivation. The conversational tools to elicit these details of past successes and future possibilities are specific and simple; their basic rudiments can be learned in as little as two days. This is not to say that being Solution Focused is easy, like learning a language fluency only comes with practice. Fortunately, most professionals, especially those working with children, have a solution focused ‘spirit’ and many find they are already close to the approach even though they did not know its name!

In this workshop everyone will learn some very straightforward and practical skills any of which can be safely tried out when back at work. These skills can be mixed-and-matched with existing skills or, with time and practice, they can form a stand-alone model.


Payment Instructions

After you have completed the online registration, please make a payment of 8500 Baht before 27th February 2015. All transfer fees (home and host) associated with payment are the sole responsibility of the attendee.


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 – Amount: 8500 Thai Baht

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After the payment is made, please scan the receipt and send it to [email protected]. Include the email subject line “Creating Solutions in Schools”. After the scanned copy of the receipt has been received, you will receive confirmation of your registration for the workshop.

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