Event description

As international school educators, we are often fortunate to work in technology-rich environments. Sometimes we have so many devices and resources at our fingertips, we don’t know what to do with them all.

This institute will intertwine three big themes in a hands-on and practical, participant-driven environment. One strand will focus on mobile devices, another on student leadership, and the third on media mashups. As a participant, you will have time to explore all three big ideas of the institute, while focusing on a specific area of interest.

You can expect to be be engaged in collaborative, purposeful and technology-rich learning opportunities including self-directed and group-based learning that create meaningful and sustainable educational change. If you are ready to apply new and innovative teaching strategies in your classroom, and enjoy learning in a dynamic and participant-driven format, this Eduro Learning Institute is for you!

Strand Information

Innovative Classrooms (Multiple Devices)

We know that students have access to many more devices than the school provides. How can we leverage these multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables) in the classroom to create a dynamic and student-centered learning experience? What are the practicalities of having so many varied devices in one classroom? How can we empower ourselves for this environment that is constantly changing? How can we tap into student enthusiasm to build authentic learning opportunities?

Empowering Student Voices

Students have access to constantly evolving platforms for sharing their ideas. How can we leverage these platforms to empower our students authentic voices? What experiences are relevant to today’s students? How can we bring social learning into our classrooms, and help students build an authentic audience? Knowing that students are comfortable in this changing learning landscape, how can we empower them as leaders in our schools?

Media Mashup – Remixing the Learning

We are constantly being bombarded – from our personal devices, to just walking down the street – with media from so many different sources. How can we leverage this kind of communication authentically in our classrooms? What skills can we build in our students to successfully navigate this media-rich environment? How do we empowerourselves and our students to take control of the varied forms of media to be a relevant communicator in today’s society.


In collaboration with participants from all three strands, create a multimedia product that encompasses ideas from all three strands, and can be used as an exemplar for students on Monday morning.