Event description

2-4 October 2014

Learning 2.0 is an educational conference with a difference. Started in 2007 by international school teachers in China, Learning 2.0 is a conference created and run by international school teachers for international school teachers.

The name Learning 2.0 indicates that – like Web 2.0 services – this is not simply a static “read-only” conference with experts presenting to attendees. The intention is that participants are actively engaged and contributing to the learning that happens at the conference. The name also reveals that it is not technology or tools that is the focus, but learning and teaching.

At a Learning 2.0 conference, participants are expected to “be different,” “be social,” and “be a connector.”


Learning 2.014 Asia

As educators we acknowledge the monumental task ahead of us: to empower our students with the tools to meet the demands of a constantly changing world. In doing this we must also empower ourselves and each other to advance our skills as educators and look for new ways to engage students. What makes this possible is a vibrant learning community where dedicated people share their experiences and learn from each other. This sense of community is the heart and soul of Learning 2, so it is only fitting that this year’s conference theme will be “Empowering Community.”