Event description

A 2-day workshop Facilitated by: Matt Glover

Workshop Overview

November 5th 2016: Day 1

The goal of these 2 days will be to understand and use a process for projecting/designing units of study in writing workshop. On day on we will focus on key ideas for teaching writing including choice and the use of mentor texts throughout writing workshop. We will practice reading like a writer as well as using our own writing to help us find teaching possibilities. We will also focus on developing a deeper understanding of genre.

Across the 2 days teachers will use their own writing to see how mentor texts influence writers as they try writing techniques we see in mentor texts.

November 6th 2016: Day 2

On the second day participants will use all of the skills from the previous day to project an actual unit of study. By focusing on the process for projecting, participants will then be able to project any unit of study. Participants will practice determining key characteristics for a stack for text. Time will also be allowed to examine considerations for units of study across a year.


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