Event description

Projecting Your Own Unit of Study with Matt Glover

A two-day workshop facilitated by Matt Glover

Workshop Overview

Day 1: 22 April 2017

On Day 1 participants will use what they have learned about projecting units of study to design specific units of study they will teach. Teachers will come prepared with specific units they want to design for their grade level. During the two days participants will:

  • Consider considerations for their stack for texts
  • Pull Stacks of Texts
  • Read Like a Teacher of Writing to Find Teaching Possibilities
  • Determine Unit Goals
  • Project Units

As in Matt’s previous workshop in November 2016, participants will develop their own skills as writers to deepen their knowledge base and understanding of teaching writing.

Day 2: 23 April 2017

Day 2 will focus on mini lessons and assessments. After projecting their unit teachers will now focus on the content of the mini-lessons as well as strategies for maximizing mini lesson efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will also consider assessment strategies and use them to determine how they will assess writing in their unit of study.


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