Event description

We are adding on another workshop on Tuesday September 12.

This conference day is designed to teach professional sand parents frame works, concepts, and strategies so that they may better understand the social learning experience and guide others toward improved social processing and social skills.  Conference attendees will gain new insights into the power of their own social emotional intelligence as they explore their social motivation sand how they process and respond to social information.

We will dissect the hidden rules, contemplate how social rules change with age, and discuss how social problem solving is at the heart of social skills, and affect show one interpret sand responds to social-academic information and assignments. Social Thinking has developed a large range of treatment strategies, and attendees will walk away with a number of them, including those for helping students avoid “the blurt”, cope with “boring moments”, and develop conversational language. Additionally, we will focus much of our attention on the ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking. The ILAUGH model is an acronym to represent treatment idea sand research related to: Initiating communication, Listening with thee yes and brain, Abstracting and inferencing, Understanding perspective, Getting the gist, and Humor & human relationships.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe why the context or situation is key for figuring out social expectations and related social skills.
  • Describe the five core steps of Social Behavior Mapping to help teach social responsibility.
  • Define at least five Social Thinking Vocabulary concepts.
  • Describe how Social Thinking Vocabulary concepts facilitate generalization across settings.
  • Describe the difference between sharing an imagination and a singular imagination as these relate to conversations and reading comprehension.


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Cost of the workshop
Individual ticket Day 2 ฿7,500 +transfer
Only if you've signed up for Sunday Day 1 ฿4,500 +transfer
Sign up for both days ฿12,000 +transfer